Hey, What’s Up?

Check out these nice renders of the grinder that I’ve done yesterday.

Mighty & Crafty Grinder
Mighty & Crafty Grinder
Mighty & Crafty Grinder

I think this is look fantastic, but that’s just me, 🙂

I’ve done some minor changes today, and I believe I’ve reached the final design, now it’s prototype time, so yesterday I’ve sent few inquiries and researched few 3D printing, and laser cutting joints, priced the prototype, which is looking very responsible.

I’m going to show it to couple of friends before ordering the prototype, just need to sleep on it for few more nights, I keep on coming up with improvements every day after I’m done working, I was thinking I want to change the top to be transparent, so the user can see the herbs, elemenating the need to open the lid.

I still don’t know how to do that production wise, so maybe I will come up with something or it will be version two.

These renders are from yesterday, as I mentioned earlier, some changes has been done, so it’s looking a bit different now, will upload new renders soon.

I don’t know if I’m married to the logo yet, I guess this is the perfect time to consider changing it.

Well, that’s all for now, Peace ☮️

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