Very soon for comfort, I know, but I have changed the logo,

If you read yesterday post, I mentioned in the last paragraph that I’m not liking the logo, and today we have a new logo,

I know, things happen fast here in Cloud Riders, where we design and prduce accessories for Storz & Bickel, and the grinder prototype is just around the corner, 🙂

But back to the logo, here it is:

Cloud Riders Logo

I believe this will look much nicer on the box, just a white box with our name and logo, and the name of the product, simple, cost effective and discreet.

The CR will be engraved on the lid of The Grinder, that’s why I had to finish this befor ordering the prototype.

Well, that’s it for today, soon I will be grinding my herbs and getting a perfect blend directly into the Mighty filling device with my grinder prototype, exciting times 🙂

Peace ☮️

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