Progress Report

Hello, and Welcome to Cloud Riders Store, if this is your first visit, Where have you been? and if you’ve been following our prorgress, then; Thank you, and welcome back.


the Grinder design is ready, well, according to me, I will sleep on it, and do some refinements tomorrow, and then send it to a friend of mine, whos job is product testing, maybe he will take a look at it, I’m sure he will find issues.

Nevertheless, this is as final as my ideas are at the moment, so here we go.

Mighty Grinder Final

As you can see, I extended the height of the grinder by 6mm, it’s 45mm now and the diameter is 57mm, similar to the Mighty & Crafty filling device, so it will be part of the family, and fit right in with your Storz & Bickel accessories.

The grinding plates will be made of aluminium, the body of plastic, two magnets will be inserted in the grinding plates to give the grinder it’s authentic feel, the grinding wholes are 5mm, to ensure perfect blend for vaping.

I kept the original Mighty filling device feel and dimensions, not to copy Storz & Bickel, as much as to show admiration to their products, I just want to enhance the experience.

This is very close to prototype now, “I think, haha” maybe I’m far off, I still have to find a manufacturer, and decide on material and colours, not to say finish the design and add the logo, so maybe one more week.

But We’ve made it so far, and I really believe the first step is almost done, 🎉, to the next milestone, stay safe and peace ☮️.

The New Design Is Almost READY.

Okay, are you ready for it?

I know no one is reading, but maybe No One will tell Some One from his family, and the One family will start talking about my grinder on social media, and from One to One, Every One will be reading, that was my stoned joke, but for now Hi and welcome, and as I said in the title, the new design is almost ready, and here is a peek.

Mighty Grinder Design

So in this design, I’m going to use metal grinding plates, and plastic housing, this way we get a light weight functional grinder.

The design will need some more refinement tomorrow, look like the thread need some editing, and then I will start hunting for a manufacturers to make the prototype.

Soon this baby will be selling on Amazon, and Cloud Riders Store will be the first Storz&Bickel accessories store.

Until next time, ☮️

On the search for the perfect material

Another design has been scrapped.

As I mentioned in my first post, I was redesigning the grinder to be made out of acrylic, but I wasn’t completely sold on the acrylic teeth, so I started testing.

And immediately after testing few products I found that the herbs are getting stock between the teeth, because of the teeth shape, the pyramid shape, which is a must, due to the acrylic lack of strength, and this goes aginst the soul of my product,

Apart from comfort and convenience, a perfect grind and the minimising of herbs handeling, are the two main inspirations of my grinder.

So after a bit of brain storming and market research, I decided to use metal inserts, so the teeth and the plate will be made out of metal, and will be mounted inside a nice plastic hosing, which will make the grinder lighter and robust, while still provide a perfect blend so you can enjoy the flavour with your Mighty, Crafty or Volcano.

Below you can see the acrylic grinder design, the main parts will remain the same but the grinding part will be reconfigured.

Another Mighty grinder design

to the next milestone then, thanks for reading and peace 🙂

Our Logo

Hello Everyone, and thanks for reading 🙂

A major concern when starting a business is branding, creating a name that’s easy to remember and relatable, sofor obvious reasons, Enfys Nest was out of the questions. Maybe a lead Product but not a brand name, on the other hand, I thought his helmet will represent the Cloud-Riders Store, and for that reason I developed this logo.

Cloud-Riders Store logo

Now here in Cloud-Riders store, we don’t only sell accessories for Storz & Bickel Products like the Mighty, Cafty and Volcano, but we also care about your opinion in our branding, after all, these are intimate products that you will be caring around, and you should be proud of owning them, so please let us know your opinion in our first logo, this will be imposed on our products.

Thank you and see you soon.

Day 1

This is not day one, but it’s the first post and it’s about the begging of this adventure, day one was 25th or 26th of March, that’s when the story of this venture started, and it started with a book.

But in this post I’m only talking about our first product, it a herbs grinder made specifically for Storz & Bickel users, the new grinder will eliminate the need to grind and then flip your herbs in the filler, the grinder will be fixed to the filler and as you grind your herbs the filler will be filled, then you can use it to fill your mighty or crafty…

I’ve startd my design based on a metal grinder and worked my way to make it fit on the original filler, as you can see in the drawing below but after chasing few production methods and materials, I decide to alter my design to be made of acrylic, so now I’m working on a new design but I thought I’ll share the old one here, as a teaser 🙂

The Grinder project, Early design

As you can see in the section analysis the supporting walls for the teath are not thick enough for acrylic and you can see this design is not fully assembled, and the last part is out of alignment, nevertheless, this was the first design.

Hopefully in the next post, I will be able to share with you the new improved design.