Progress Report

Hello, and Welcome to Cloud Riders Store, if this is your first visit, Where have you been? and if you’ve been following our prorgress, then; Thank you, and welcome back.


the Grinder design is ready, well, according to me, I will sleep on it, and do some refinements tomorrow, and then send it to a friend of mine, whos job is product testing, maybe he will take a look at it, I’m sure he will find issues.

Nevertheless, this is as final as my ideas are at the moment, so here we go.

Mighty Grinder Final

As you can see, I extended the height of the grinder by 6mm, it’s 45mm now and the diameter is 57mm, similar to the Mighty & Crafty filling device, so it will be part of the family, and fit right in with your Storz & Bickel accessories.

The grinding plates will be made of aluminium, the body of plastic, two magnets will be inserted in the grinding plates to give the grinder it’s authentic feel, the grinding wholes are 5mm, to ensure perfect blend for vaping.

I kept the original Mighty filling device feel and dimensions, not to copy Storz & Bickel, as much as to show admiration to their products, I just want to enhance the experience.

This is very close to prototype now, “I think, haha” maybe I’m far off, I still have to find a manufacturer, and decide on material and colours, not to say finish the design and add the logo, so maybe one more week.

But We’ve made it so far, and I really believe the first step is almost done, 🎉, to the next milestone, stay safe and peace ☮️.

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