The New Design Is Almost READY.

Okay, are you ready for it?

I know no one is reading, but maybe No One will tell Some One from his family, and the One family will start talking about my grinder on social media, and from One to One, Every One will be reading, that was my stoned joke, but for now Hi and welcome, and as I said in the title, the new design is almost ready, and here is a peek.

Mighty Grinder Design

So in this design, I’m going to use metal grinding plates, and plastic housing, this way we get a light weight functional grinder.

The design will need some more refinement tomorrow, look like the thread need some editing, and then I will start hunting for a manufacturers to make the prototype.

Soon this baby will be selling on Amazon, and Cloud Riders Store will be the first Storz&Bickel accessories store.

Until next time, ☮️

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