On the search for the perfect material

Another design has been scrapped.

As I mentioned in my first post, I was redesigning the grinder to be made out of acrylic, but I wasn’t completely sold on the acrylic teeth, so I started testing.

And immediately after testing few products I found that the herbs are getting stock between the teeth, because of the teeth shape, the pyramid shape, which is a must, due to the acrylic lack of strength, and this goes aginst the soul of my product,

Apart from comfort and convenience, a perfect grind and the minimising of herbs handeling, are the two main inspirations of my grinder.

So after a bit of brain storming and market research, I decided to use metal inserts, so the teeth and the plate will be made out of metal, and will be mounted inside a nice plastic hosing, which will make the grinder lighter and robust, while still provide a perfect blend so you can enjoy the flavour with your Mighty, Crafty or Volcano.

Below you can see the acrylic grinder design, the main parts will remain the same but the grinding part will be reconfigured.

Another Mighty grinder design

to the next milestone then, thanks for reading and peace 🙂

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