eBay is your uncle!

Hello, and welcome to Cloud Riders Store, where I design, manufacture and sell accessories for Storz & Bickel Vaporisers (source manufacture). At the moment I鈥檓 working on few projects, the Mighty Grinder is the main one. It鈥檚 a Grinder that fits on the Mighty & Crafty vaporiser, using a similar filling aid device so you can grind right into it and savour every trichome. Also I’m in the middle of moving from Melbourne to the Netherlands and I’m almost finished designing and testing a Charging Stand for the Mighty.

This was last week’s post, but my wife got stranded and I had to go pick here up which made me miss my usual posting time, also I thought the post wasn’t enough. This week though, I believe I have something to tell you, so buckle up because We are flying to Amsterdam on the 7th of September. Yes ticket is booked and paid for and I’m going.

I’ve even applied for a tour guide job in Amsterdam. Thinking, It’s a great way to learn the city, meet new people and do my daily steps. Fingers crossed 馃 I get it. Will make the move less stressful.

I have to say that I love Uncle eBay, always giving me money for my used stuff. Not like Facebook where I almost feel bad for listing. On eBay, I have a store. Feels good especially when it’s making money. 馃檪

Regarding Barkley Plastics, the designer is back and he asked me for some changes to one of the parts, So things are moving forward again. At the Moment they are on skeleton staff because the automotive industry is on summer break.

I’ve received the 3D prints, the SLA looks good, but not good enough to be sold, I won’t buy it. Therefore; this is a no go Option. 3D printing is not a solution.

Last time I had to take pictures of the filling aid with the mighty I had to hold the mighty with my hand as I didn’t have a stand, which got me thinking (as usual). Why don’t I make my own stand? Plenty of options out there I know.

So back then, I’ve made one, but I didn’t work on the subject until this week, this might become the first Cloud Riders’s product to be sold in the eBay store.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. Peace 鈽笍

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