Progress Report 02

Hello, and welcome to Cloud Riders Store, where We design, manufacture and sell accessories for Storz & Bickel Vaporisers (source manufacture), and at the moment I鈥檓 working on the Mighty Grinder project, It鈥檚 a Grinder that fits on the Mighty and Crafty, uses a similar filling aid device so you can grind right into it and savour every trichome.

Things are moving forward, doesn’t feel like it, but progress is there. In this order. 馃檪

Last week after my post, I had to edit few details on the CAD file, but nothing major, I upped the size of the storage by 5mm, making the total height of the package 75mm, Now you can store a decent size bud in it.

In the picture below you can see what will come in the box.

Mighty Grinder

Below the section analysis so you can see through the walls. Super vision lol

Mighty Grinder Section Analysis

Looking at the right figure, the grinder, you can see how it will grind into a filling aid device, which can then be used to fill the mighty or the crafty and then you can use the base of the extra storage as a grinder base, which will serve two purposes, one as a base for the grinder, and two if you want to use the grinder as a normal grinder and not grind into the mighty/crafty filling aid

Then when you are finished using the filling aid, you can use the lid from the spare storage for the filling aid, and walla you have a stand alone filling aid and a grinder.

Production wise, I have been trying to make this bad boy in Australia, but the manufacturing rates here are ridicules, no wonder we closed all our cars plants.

So I went to China (not physically), I have been trying to source a manufacturer through, and honestly the response is overwhelming, many companies had contacted me and offered to quote, so I’m waiting for all the quotes to come.

And after talking to the factories, I believe I’m set on the material.

The plastic will be Peek just like the mighty and crafty, Peek is black, so same colour also

The grinding plates will be made of Aluminium, 6061 or 6063, looking also into anodising the Aluminium, to give it a better finish and longevity.

The middle transparent part that we use to scope the herbs, will be made of acrylic, but I kept it solid, and not shell only, so it’s heavy and feels nice.

I’m coming close to the target supply price, not there yet, and it has to be the right quality but as Jerry Seinfeld said the wheels are in motion.

That’s all about production, but I have news about marketing, I posted about the grinder on a facebook group called Storz & Bickel users and the response was amazing, people want to buy my grinder, that made me very happy, 馃槂

My first post on FB
People love it
Getting invited to share on other groups
People are reading my blog 馃檪
Shut up and take my money
Impressive 馃檪
I want one!!! Happy to pay
Make it Customizable 馃檪

Obviously, you can tell I love it, I love that my product idea is well received, I’m looking forward more now to launch this product. and make it as high quality as it look.

Peace out 鈽笍

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