Day 1

This is not day one, but it’s the first post and it’s about the begging of this adventure, day one was 25th or 26th of March, that’s when the story of this venture started, and it started with a book.

But in this post I’m only talking about our first product, it a herbs grinder made specifically for Storz & Bickel users, the new grinder will eliminate the need to grind and then flip your herbs in the filler, the grinder will be fixed to the filler and as you grind your herbs the filler will be filled, then you can use it to fill your mighty or crafty…

I’ve startd my design based on a metal grinder and worked my way to make it fit on the original filler, as you can see in the drawing below but after chasing few production methods and materials, I decide to alter my design to be made of acrylic, so now I’m working on a new design but I thought I’ll share the old one here, as a teaser 🙂

The Grinder project, Early design

As you can see in the section analysis the supporting walls for the teath are not thick enough for acrylic and you can see this design is not fully assembled, and the last part is out of alignment, nevertheless, this was the first design.

Hopefully in the next post, I will be able to share with you the new improved design.